★ About us ★

Women of Vision is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to ensuring the dignity of the community we serve.

★ Mission ★

Our Mission is to restore dignity, respect and empower people with a knowledge of their rights.

★ Vision ★

Our Vision is to implement sustainable programs within our community and elsewhere where violence, substance abuse and the scourge of unemployment are prevalent.


Women of Vision is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to ensuring the dignity of the community we serve.  Initially, our core focus was to ensure that vulnerable women, the elderly and at risk youth were provided with care, essential services and on-going support where necessary.  We have now extended our assistance in providing therapy, counselling, day-today assistance, mediation, safe houses and support in various forms.

The organisation was founded in 1996 by Sophie (Boyers) Okeke, who was sickened by the historical social and economic ills that plagued her home-town of Westbury on Johannesburg’s West Rand.  She decided it was time for change.

A group of like-minded community members met in her lounge on December 16th – Reconciliation Day in South Africa and decided that something drastic had to be done.  Westbury and its surrounding neighbourhoods never quite managed to shake their reputation as crime havens and as a result, prospects for development seemed generally bleak – the area needed an injection of energy and a catalyst to ignite mind-sets and expand the community’s way of thinking.  These people didn’t need to be patronized with hand-outs – they yearned for an opportunity to take control of their lives and circumstances.

A mutual desire for change and a lifestyle upgrade led to the birth of Women of Vision (WOV).

Women of Vision is registered with the Department of Social Development as a non-profit organization (008-662 NPO) and has a Section 18A approval with reference number: PBO930016304.  The organisation has a board that meets on a regular basis to discuss various issues and fund raising strategies.  A constitution is also in place, which governs the operations and the conduct of its board members.   All financial transactions are recorded and scrutinized by our Treasurer and stakeholders and where necessary, proof of payments are readily available on request.

We are also a registered Public Benefit Organisation according to Section 18A of the Income Tax Act.  Therefore all donations (including goods in kind) are tax deductible.  Please request this Section18A donation receipt for tax purposes when making a donation.

Women of Vision recently concluded the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) Verification process and has been awarded with a B-BBEE status of a Level 4 Contributor. By donating to Women of Vision, you could earn the last few points you require to bring you up to a Level 1 or 2 BEE company.

BLACK ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT Should you, as a Corporate be in the position to assist us in any way, we are able to provide you with the following BEE Requirements in order to assist your scorecard. In terms of mandatory BEE requirements, Women of Vision’s beneficiaries are more than 75% black therefore the entity donating the funds or goods will receive full points for the value contributed irrelevant of the BEE Level of Women of Vision. Should you as a company wish to donate to Women of Vision, we can supply you with the following supporting documentation to substantiate your donation. 

  • A Letter from Women of Vision acknowledging receipt of the donation stating the value and date thereof. This will be done on an official letter head. However, the value of the goods provided must be given to us by your entity. 
  • An Independent Competent Persons Report that the Women of Vision’s beneficiaries are more than 75% black 
  • A thank you letter confirming receipt of the donation 
  • A BEE certificate confirming that Woman of Vision is a non-profit organisation that has been verified as an exempted micro enterprise and has a BEE status of Level 4
  • An information pamphlet about Women of Vision.