Orphaned and Vulnerable Children. (OVC’s)

Over the years many vulnerable children who have succumbed to social ills such as gangsterism, substance abuse and teenage pregnancy – could map these decisions to their basic human needs not being met. 

We take a practical approach by identifying at risks children and encouraging them remain in school and pursuing a chance at an improved life and positively fulfilling their potential.

What we provide: 

  • Weekly Food Parcels – four days a week 
  • Toiletries particularly sanitary towels for young women and deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste and soap for both boys and girls 
  • Stationery – new and used to ensure they have the tools needed to work at school 
  • Uniforms and second hand clothing 
  • Donated furniture –and household items
Dorcas Day Care Centre (DDCC)

We adhere to the principal that a quality education is imperative for navigating through life in an empowered manner.

To that end we have had DDCC act as key facility for instilling values, basic literacy and numeracy .as well as, a sense of community for learners and their caretakers.

More than 700 learners have successfully passed through our programme. 

What we provide: 

  • A low cost subsidized Grade R education –we are the cheapest Grade R provider in the community
  • Learners who are identified as requiring an exemption – are provided with one as Grade R is not free even at government schools

There are many working parents without adequate childcare and other individuals who due to their own lack of education, are unable to adequately help their children with homework and projects.

What we provide: 

  • A legacy programme where former learners can continue working with our carers while at school from Grade R to Grade 7. High School learners are assisted on request as well.
  • A low cost and where necessary subsidized service
  • One-on-one assistance to learners with their homework and projects
  • Additional reading and mathematics tutoring
  • Crafting and educational play
Social Work

Many modern illnesses, teenage pregnancies and enactment of abuse are forged through ignorance.

What we provide: 

  • We provide access to counselling
  • Referral to mental health and legal aid – professionals or organisations
  • Workshops and interventions

There are a great many elderly members of our community who are raising grand and great grandchildren. They are often suffering from health issues and isolation.

What we provide: 

  • Assistance with food parcels, especially fruit and vegetables
  • Providing refreshments for weekly social groups
  • Gathering craft goods such as wool, material and other items to enable individuals to pursue hobbies and create pieces they can sell

We have a wealth of knowledge about herbs and natural remedies from various sources in our community.To harness this holistic approach to healthcare and well-being – several herbs, fruit and vegetables have been specially selected and grown on our premises.

What we provide: 

  • A source for individuals needing “old remedies”
  • A means for the children in our care to learn to respect and cultivate the land
  • An opportunity for volunteers / donors to provide seeds, tools and time to maintain the garden
Social Entrepreneurship

There is a high rate of unemployment in our community and a need to create personal incomes for individuals – ranging from the youth to the elderly.Many unemployed individuals have skills that if directed in the correct path can provide them with access to markets for their goods.

What we provide: 

  • We provide a central communal point where we gather goods made by various stakeholders and sell on available market platforms