What a memorable occasion that greeted us on this warm Spring morning. Two bus-loads of St David’s Grade 4 boys arrived in Westbury (for many a first in the area), together with parents and the teachers, to hand over to our little children from Dorcas Creche a wonderful large bag filled with amazing brand new goodies, including toys, clothing, toiletries and stationary. The boys also donated two huge white plastic buckets of foodstuffs to each family to add cheer to the families for Christmas. As the boys walked into the school, the excitement was palpable. However, little did they know that the excitement from the crèche children had been already building up for a week before their visit, counting down the minutes and seconds until their friends arrived. Our little ones performed some songs and recited some prayers for the St David’s boys, showing their appreciation for the visit. One by one, each crèche child was called forward and received the bag of gifts from the St David’s boys that had been allocated to them. The boys were magnificent in the manner in which they interacted with the little children. They sat on the grass and helped them open their presents and played games with them. What an emotion experience for us adults to see how these young boys from a private school, interacted with the young ones from a poor area – and treated them as if they had known each other for a long time and were best of friends. One little girl came up to us and asked whether they had to give the presents back – they just could not believe that all they had received was truly theirs. As the time drew closer for the boys to leave, the sadness that came over the Dorcas Creche children was visible, and they only asked when they would see them again. Some boys even approached Sophie, our coordinator, if they could take the “their adopted friends” home with them. We thank St David’s for making this opportunity possible for our little ones and that they may be blessed and rewarded for showing such kindness and love for our children. Mr Wilson, the headmaster indicated that “they too were major beneficiaries as we had given our boys an experience and a life “reality check” of our country – so full of promise but with so many mountains to climb”