In October, students and staff from Morpeth School’s Music Department from the United Kingdom, visited Sparrow Schools in Melville. They were part of a school percussion ensemble, Pulse, made up of students from the Drum Works project . The purpose of the recent visit was to build on the relationship with Sparrow, where a shared love of music and understanding of social and educational disadvantage has created a special bond. We were fortunate enough to be on their programme as they visited and performed for various charitable projects in and around Johannesburg. Our children were enthralled by the loud sounds (which could have been heard across the whole of Westbury, I am sure). They danced, and pretended they were drumming and enjoyed every second of the performance that captured their little imaginations. This style of drumming gives an extraordinary sense of power to individuals through music making, develops self-confidence, motivation, concentration, time-keeping, leadership, teamwork and social and emotional development. Once the school hand left, the 49 children returned to their classrooms, where every surface became a drum to practise on. What an amazing and unforgettable experience for these young boys and girls and we hope to be part of their visit for many years to come.