Not only were the future Grade 1 learners given new uniforms, but Hollard Insurance sponsored all the new shoes and school bags with stationary included for our young learners, embarking on a new phase in their education. What a special occasion it was when each learner received their box with shoes and their new bag. Needless to say, we had to give all those that were not going to grade 1, a little goodie bag as they thought that they had been forgotten. It is always hard to explain to a child why one receives and another does not. Our future grade 1’s have been given the ideal start to their primary school phase with the help of Hollard Insurance, not only through their kind donation of the bags and shoes, but also of their termly sponsor of 15 of our children and the running costs of the crèche. Without their amazing support, the crèche would not have been able to remain open. We are privileged to be associated with Hollard Insurance and hope that the relationship will continue to grow for many years to come.