2020 Year in Review

We are still here serving as safely as we can and advocating for healthy practices in our community via our various projects.

Our motto for 2021 is: ‘Let us remain in gratitude, supporting and aiding healing where possible’

Let us look back at 2020: 

2020 in review

In January the FNB CSI team donated a large amount of stationery and spent some quality time with our learners – reading and interacting.

  • The Dominican Sisters sponsored a training session for two of our teachers where they were able to learn how to create sustainable art from recycled material.
  • In the event of lockdown, we were forced to shut our day-to-day functions but continued with food parcels and toiletries as needed.
  • The Dominican Sisters had assisted us greatly during lockdown with various donations ranging from vegetables to masks.
  • Local seniors were active during lockdown and started sewing masks with offcuts of material donated to us – this was distributed to volunteers who were still assisting and beneficiaries.
  • @kissblushandtell donated four boxes of beauty products – a welcome surprise during the dreary lockdown – we packaged gifts and distributed among our teens and ladies to cheer them up.
  • The FNB CSI team added to our food demand in winter by providing 10 food aid boxes which we distributed to homes where elderly grandparents have taken over raising children and childheaded homes.
  • Sorbet donated several self-care items which we packaged and distributed to the elderly and some of our long-term unpaid female volunteers – to celebrate Women’s Day.
  • Ster Kinekor donated the “Lost and Found” items from theatres to us – items were distributed or used to generate income for the jumble sale – which we could hold after the lifting of restrictions.
  • Our Board Members, principals and teachers rallied to get the facility safe to open for our Daycare programme and the Adult Education programme.
  • Grade R learners headed to Grade1 were given preference and Adult Education learners completing their matric examination in November/December 2020.
  • FNB CSI team donated tyres for our overworked van – a much needed item.
  • Hollard CSI donated R20 000 collected for food security during their annual Mandela Day
  • A celebration ceremony was arranged by Katy and the Memprow programme for the young women who were involved in the life skills programme and committed to completing despite the challenges of this year.
  • We turned 24th years old on the 16th December 2020.
  • Hollard CSI were instrumental in providing gifts and lunches for all our learners including those graduating on the 16th December for Grade R learners –make the day special for our learners who had some joy after a difficult year. They stocked bags and school shoes.
  • The Rosebank Parish provides six monthly food parcels consistently and blessed our children with 100 gifts for Christmas – bringing joy amid a time of uncertainty.

Food Security

  • Food security was a huge need this year. Each month we pay R650 to the Foodbank and our pickups, packaging and distribution of food parcels went from three times a week to five times a week.
  • This increased our fuel spend and wear and tear on our vehicle.
  • We were fortunate to have a couple volunteer each weekend and at times during the week to assist us in picking up food with no extra costs to the organisation


We were unable to undertake any big fundraising activities but wish to extend a special thank you to the following donors who helped us stay afloat financially:

Mr. Leeming, Ms. Chiara Turinga (who assisted us twice this year even during the toughest days in Italy she still sowed into our work). The Dominican Sisters, our Board Members and Hollard CSI and Jane Galli.

Your donations enabled us to:

  • Pay rental on our facility and repairs as there was still wear and tear.
  • The monthly R750 insurance fee on our vehicle.
  • Fuel for the pickup of donations and foodstuff.
  • The payment of R650 Per month to the Foodbank.
  • Organisational insurance and adhoc charges.
  • The capacity to provide our two permanent teachers with a small stipend during the lockdown period as both are single moms.
  • Payment of items for food packaging, airtime and sanitising items to keep our workers safe who were still volunteering with distribution of food and items.


  • This year we lost two of our beloved staff members and a committed supporter.
  • Teacher Maria who prior to her retirement last year was with our organisation for ten years at the Early Childhood Development Centre.
  • Elizabeth who was with us since mid-2019 fell ill and did not recover.
  • Joyce Badenhorst a long-term committed donor passed and in her passing her family made a donation to us as per her request during April 2020.
  • We are deeply saddened by these losses and left and little bit emptier – they are dearly missed but will never be forgotten.


There are many instances great and small where people gave of their time, money, spiritual and moral support to us.

These are trying and unpredictable times – many people who were donors in the pass sought out our help as beneficiaries be it for the mental strain they experienced, domestic violence, food insecurity or just to gain emotional support. A sense of community between our stakeholders has kept the organisation operational.

Every gesture of kindness is important – as it reaches beyond what we can see and each of you, by your very presence and selflessness have helped us reach this year when at times 2020 seemed bleak and uncertain you were angels among us.

We wish you all health (physical, mental and spiritual, provision and strength. We will meet again in celebration and thanksgiving. Thank you.

Contact: info@womenofvision.co.za
(Sophie the Coordinator on 082 753 0144 – call/WhatsApp)

Banking Details: Account Name: WOMEN OF VISION/DORCAS CRECHE, Bank: First National Bank,

Account No: 62141675035, Branch Code: 256505 or PayPal using the email address: info@womenofvision.co.za